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The green movement has hit mainstream America, and Tallahassee is no exception. Today’s luxury-minded homeowners are not only concerned about a product’s style, but also the impact it has on the evironment.  Fortunately, going green doesn’t mean sacrificing performance or style. Achieving a green bathroom doesn’t mean using a weak showerhead  with very little pressure, or installing  a toilet that doesn’t flush well.    Today’s manufacturers have made great strides to create products that are not only stylish, but also offer superior performance and quality… all while offering sustainable benefits.

The average home, retrofitted with water-efficient fixtures, can save 30,000 gallons of water per year. If one out of every 10 homes in the United States upgraded to water-efficient fixtures, it could save more than 300 billion gallons and nearly $2 billion annually. If you are looking for a simple Eco-facelift, or a complete Green remodel, Pope Plumbing can help you incorporate these new products into your home. Eco-Friendly Bathrooms & Kitchens will help save water for future generations and reduce energy costs for today’s homeowners.

Many cities including the City of Tallahassee offer rebates for retro-fitting your home with new environmentally friendly products. Visit the City of Tallahassee’s website by clicking the link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Today’s Environmentally Friendly Plumbing fixtures include Tankless Water Heaters, as well as water saving, high efficiency Toilets, Faucets and Showerheads. 


Tankless Water Heaters. You’ve heard of on-demand TV, so why not on-demand hot water? By installing a tankless system, when hot water is turned on in your home, the water is immediately flash heated at two to five gallons per minute. When the water is turned off, it stops heating the water. This is in contrast to a standard hot water tank which keeps working until the water has reached a certain temperature. While this may be a costly investment in the short run, a tankless water heater can last more than 20 years – allowing the energy and replacement savings to outweigh the initial costs.

Toilets. One of the biggest culprits of high water usage is the toilet, accounting for nearly 30 percent of residential indoor water consumption and most of the water wasted in American homes. Thankfully, a new program has recently been introduced which makes finding an efficient toilet easier than ever. A toilet with the WaterSense® label from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifies that the product is not only water-efficient, but is also high-performing.

Faucets. New product collections feature soft modern styles and hold the WaterSense label, indicating the faucet has met the EPA’s guidelines for water-efficient products. These eco-friendly faucets incorporate a flow-optimized aerator, allowing the faucet to flow at a rate of 1.5 gpm, versus traditional aerators which flow at 2.2 gpm.
Showerheads. Following in the footsteps of eco-friendly faucets are water-efficient showerheads. New Flow-Optimized, Water-Saving showerheads reduces the flow of water to 1.75 gpm (vs. the industry standard of 2.5 gpm) – up to a 30% water savings. Not only is this savings significant in reducing water consumption, but it also reduces energy costs since it uses less water. And best of all, a homeowner can still experience a high-performance shower.



Leaky plumbing fixtures can add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water.  A simple but effective water saving solution is repairing leaking faucets, running toilets, and dripping showerheads.  Call the expert plumbers at Pope Plumbing today to find out more about reducing the water consumption and energy costs in your home.




Click Here for information on EPA Water Sense Program   

Click Here for City of Tallahassee Rebate Information  




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